Videos of Facebook Live studies

These videos have been recorded of classes done over Facebook Live. We are now having a series on the Psalms. We had to miss class on Tuesday, but we should be back on track to have class each Tuesday and Thursday now.

Maps: An Introduction
In the series: Study Helps

I messed up by not showing the slides for the first part and then not having audio for another part, but it does eventually get fixed! Sorry for that.

Can maps help you understand the Bible? I think so. Let’s take a look.

Shadows of Christ in the Old Testament

Recorded on Facebook Live from May 26-Jun 25, these classes examine a few of the different laws, people, and stories found in the Old Testament that represent Christ.

The Gospel of Christ

Recorded on Facebook Live from April 9-May 21, these classes go through some of the basics of the gospel and some words involved in understanding the gospel as well.