Videos of Bible studies

There are lessons here that are from classes that were recorded live on Facebook, some newer short lessons that are prerecorded, and some series of classes I have been teaching in the past months. I hope they are useful to you.

Below are listed the series with the newest ones on top.


This class is currently over Zoom on Thursday evenings. We are looking at the problems with denominations but also denominational thinking that is a problem among many Christians even when they are not part of a denomination.

Mental Health and the Christian

This class took place over Zoom on Thursday evenings. In these classes, we looked at what the Bible has to teach about our mental health.

Thinking God's Thoughts

We had this series of lessons on Thursday nights over Zoom. In this series, we look at some ways in which God directs our thinking about ourselves, others, God, money, and other topics.

Short Lessons

These lessons were recorded in a different way than most of my classes. They are designed to be shorter as well.


These lessons were generally not part of a series of connected lessons, but were primarily independent or very short series of lessons.


In this series of classes done of Facebook Live, we look at some of the Psalms and what topics they deal with in general, so that you can be better equipped to understand the Psalms on your own.


These were special classes on the subject of instrumental music in worship. I had a discussion with Robert Buchanan from White River who gave some useful things to consider.


This was a very short series over Facebook Live. While knowing maps of the Bible is not necessary to understand the Bible, I believe it can be helpful. In these lessons, we look at some ideas about maps to hopefully help you in your own studies.

Shadows of Christ in the Old Testament

Recorded on Facebook Live from May 26-Jun 25, these classes examine a few of the different laws, people, and stories found in the Old Testament that represent Christ.

The Gospel of Christ

Recorded on Facebook Live from April 9-May 21, these classes go through some of the basics of the gospel and some words involved in understanding the gospel as well.