About Me

BibleMirror.com is made by Joel Williams. I am 36 years old, been married for about 5 years, have two sons, and have been living and preaching in South Africa for almost 15 years now.

I am just a Christian. I am not a Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, or any other denominational “type of Christian.” I am just a Christian, reading my Bible to know what Christ wants and putting it into practice and teaching others. For more information, see my article on denominationalism.

Some of the articles I have written here were written several years ago and even I may not agree with everything in them now, although I do not believe there is anything major in which I have changed in my understanding since writing any of them. But keep in mind that these were written by me and I am quite fallible in my understanding. Please read the context of the passages I use to make sure that I am using them properly.

On a personal level, I enjoy software and website development. I enjoy Google’s Go language currently. I have used VB.Net, C#, python, and javascript as well. I do not have much time for keeping my skills up-to-date now, but I try whenever possible.